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    We have been shooting weddings since 2004 & we love, love, LOVE it~!!! We believe that everybody should have amazing photos of their wedding. We have packages that will fit in any budget. Our goal is to be your favorite vendor from your wedding.

    We only do one wedding a week. This way we can concentrate on just your wedding for that whole week. We take pride in our work. We spend a lot of time post processing your pictures. You get all the copyrights to the high-resolution files.

    Feel free to browse around & leave a comment. We will be posting recent engagement sessions, weddings & photos of our life which includes our three babies, Jace, Tenley & Shaq.

    If you have any questions at all or would like to reserve your wedding date, please give us a call at 818.860.1779 or Email at 105,110,102,111,64,75,97,110,105,80,97,114,107,46,99,111,109moc.kraPinaK@ofni. Hope to hear from you soon. =)

Ponte Winery Wedding in Temecula| Jacqueline & Michael

Jacqueline & Michael got married at the Romantical Ponte Winery. The day couldn’t have been any more beautiful with all the details & love that surrounded the couple. 

GORGeous Bride:)
I could’ve taken photos here all day long.
The lovely ladies:)
Handsome groom:)
Michael was happy to be married:)
Goodness, could this couple be anymore in LOVE?:)
Beautiful details~!!!
First dance as husband & wife:)
The guest at this wedding knew how to PARTAY~!!!

Groom getting down:)
Oh yeah:)
Hook & reeling it in:P
Making it rain:)
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Rancho Las Lomas, Orange County Wedding | Clarissa & Paul

Oh my goodness~!!! What can I say about this awesome couple~!!! Clarissa met Paul when she joined the 80s band, Neon Nation~!!! I had soo~ much fun shooting their wedding at my favoritest venue, Rancho Las Lomas.  This is going to be a loooonnnnggggg post~!!! Ready? Okay, Go!!!:)

I just love how organic Clarissa’s bouquet is:)
Clarissa added the feathers & beading to her shoes:)
Handsome Groom:)

There were 25 tables & each had their own unique, beautiful center pieces~!!! Bre from Joyful Weddings and Events did an amazing job with all the details of the wedding.

LOVE this set of both bride & groom seeing each other for the first time:)
LOVE the slight side snug:)
how cute is the flower girl?!?!!!
First kiss as husband & wife:)
The parentals:)
PARTY bus:)
We made a pit stop at the couples home to take a few shots with their baby, J.  She lunged at me in the first shot, hahaha. She was so excited to play & was waiting for mama to toss the bouquet. It was really cute:)
Family photo:)
And back to Rancho Las Lomas for the reception.
Guest stamp in:)
Guest gifts were these personalized lighters for everyone to light & wave during their (Neon Nation’s) performance. What an awesome idea~!!!
Beautiful ladies
LOVE me some photobombing action, hahaha~
working it:)
LOVE the guy on Paul’s leg:)
Awesome bridal party flipping the BYRD:)
beautiful couple:)
I LOVE this bench~!!!
yeehaw~!!! hahaha:)
rawr~!!! i don’t know which stare down is more mesmerizing:)
Blankies for guests:)
GRAND entrance~!!! 

Awesome band

First Dance

Mmm~ Dessert table:)
Cotton Candy?!? YES~!!! 
Bouquet/Garder Toss
Right after the slide show Clarissa & Paul sang & that began Neon Nations set:)
I feel SOO~ lucky I got to see them perform live~!!! 

Here’s two videos clips I shot of Neon Nation’s performance Walking on Sunshine & Into the Groove, enjoy…. I know I did :)

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Pat HennessyMay 26, 2012 - 5:26 am

Awesome photos! You guys did it up righteous!

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from the Chous~!!!

My little snowbaby~!!!
I love that these 2 love each other so much. They hold hands on their own & constantly give each other hugs as well as look out for each other on the daily.
Mine mine mine:)
Tenley didn’t like wearing the hat headband. BUT it was the funniest thing to her when the headband kept slipping off:P
My heart is full.
And full of love and laughter!!!
My Jace.
This guy loves to be silly.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with love, silly laughter & happiness!!!
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Warren’s Dol | Vellano Country Club

Happy Dol (first birthday) to Warren. I am so happy I was able to document your awesome party. You can just see how loved you are by all that attended. I absolutely LOVE being able to see my past couples again for another joyous occasion. 

The super cute centerpieces were all hand-made by mama~!!! 
The birthday boy:)
This party was a kids dream with every type of entertainment possible: face painter, balloon artist, caricaturist AND magician.
The magician, Johnny Wu was amazing.
Mama was asked to come up to assist in the next trick.
The 7 of Hearts literally floated up behind the Ace of Spades on the SAME paper!!! 
Daddy’s turn:)
The card in daddy’s mouth & the card in Johnny’s hand magically switched with a snap of his fingers.
DOLJABI TIME. This is when everyone gathers around to see what the birthday boy will choose. Various items are placed in front of the baby who is encouraged to choose one of the items. It is believed that the item the baby chooses predicts his future profession. 
Warren went STRAIGHT for it~!!!
Just look how happy he is~!!! With mama, 2 uncles & grandpa dentists it was an easy choice for this little man:)
And the crowd goes wild~!!!:)
Thank you, thank you;)
Warren looks like a little emperor:)
Oh wait, hold up. Grandpa put $100 bill down:)
Proud mama:)
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Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from Kylo Ren (4yo) & Elsa (2yo)~!!!

Tenley was so excited the whole gang was together.
Enough love for all.
Too much love. Sorry Olaf aka Shaq. LOL!!!
LOVE this guy!!!
Tenley absolutely LOVED wearing the crown along with her favoritest Elsa dress!!! She kept telling Shaq to stay. Hahaha.
Can’t get enough of this face~!!!
Not so scary, bad guy:)
From the very beginning we would ask Jace if Shaq was a dog & he’ll say no, he’s Shaq.
Still my itty. 
Mine, mine, mine:)
Oh my heart.

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