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    We have been shooting weddings since 2004 & we love, love, LOVE it~!!! We believe that everybody should have amazing photos of their wedding. We have packages that will fit in any budget. Our goal is to be your favorite vendor from your wedding.

    We only do one wedding a week. This way we can concentrate on just your wedding for that whole week. We take pride in our work. We spend a lot of time post processing your pictures. You get all the copyrights to the high-resolution files.

    Feel free to browse around & leave a comment. We will be posting recent engagement sessions, weddings & photos of our life which includes our three babies, Jace, Tenley & Shaq.

    If you have any questions at all or would like to reserve your wedding date, please give us a call at 818.860.1779 or Email at 105,110,102,111,64,75,97,110,105,80,97,114,107,46,99,111,109moc.kraPinaK@ofni. Hope to hear from you soon. =)

Warren’s Dol | Vellano Country Club

Happy Dol (first birthday) to Warren. I am so happy I was able to document your awesome party. You can just see how loved you are by all that attended. I absolutely LOVE being able to see my past couples again for another joyous occasion. 

The super cute centerpieces were all hand-made by mama~!!! 
The birthday boy:)
This party was a kids dream with every type of entertainment possible: face painter, balloon artist, caricaturist AND magician.
The magician, Johnny Wu was amazing.
Mama was asked to come up to assist in the next trick.
The 7 of Hearts literally floated up behind the Ace of Spades on the SAME paper!!! 
Daddy’s turn:)
The card in daddy’s mouth & the card in Johnny’s hand magically switched with a snap of his fingers.
DOLJABI TIME. This is when everyone gathers around to see what the birthday boy will choose. Various items are placed in front of the baby who is encouraged to choose one of the items. It is believed that the item the baby chooses predicts his future profession. 
Warren went STRAIGHT for it~!!!
Just look how happy he is~!!! With mama, 2 uncles & grandpa dentists it was an easy choice for this little man:)
And the crowd goes wild~!!!:)
Thank you, thank you;)
Warren looks like a little emperor:)
Oh wait, hold up. Grandpa put $100 bill down:)
Proud mama:)
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Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from Kylo Ren (4yo) & Elsa (2yo)~!!!

Tenley was so excited the whole gang was together.
Enough love for all.
Too much love. Sorry Olaf aka Shaq. LOL!!!
LOVE this guy!!!
Tenley absolutely LOVED wearing the crown along with her favoritest Elsa dress!!! She kept telling Shaq to stay. Hahaha.
Can’t get enough of this face~!!!
Not so scary, bad guy:)
From the very beginning we would ask Jace if Shaq was a dog & he’ll say no, he’s Shaq.
Still my itty. 
Mine, mine, mine:)
Oh my heart.

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Middle Ranch Wedding | Elizabeth & Connor

Elizabeth & Connor are such a cute & fun couple. They are High School Sweethearts & you can just see the LOVE they have between the two of them. Here’s their engagement session if you missed it:)

There were a ton of DIY details through the wedding:)
I just love how they decorated their venue with photos.
I especially LOVE seeing photos of the couple’s high school dance photos:)
Photos of both their parents on each side of their engagement photo:)
Cute guest sign in:)
The coolest wedding gift I’ve seen:)
It’s a voice printout on canvas of Connor saying, “I will always love you, Liz.” <3<3<3
Such a beautiful bride:)
Surrounded by LOVE:)
Handsome groom
Elizabeth wanted to a first glance without seeing each other & I thought it was a sweet moment between the two of them~!!! To see the anticipation & giddiness in their faces was priceless:)
I love how grandma was able to join in the festivities via skype:)
Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After:)
A memory box they’ll open in 10 years which included the vows they just read:)
Elizabeth wanted us to capture THE kiss from this angle~!!! Wish I could do this all the time:)
They are both HUGE broncos fans:)
Blushing Bride~!!!
Elizabeth’s 2nd look was just AWESOME~!!! Love the hair down & the jewelry:)
Dad giving his AWESOME toast:)

First Dance as Husband & Wife:)

Party Time:)
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Sherwood Country Club, Thousand Oaks Wedding | Genessy & Brian

We have been to a lot of country clubs, and this is by far the most beautiful we have seen.  Genessy & Brian are such sweet couple & loving parents to their babies.  They incorporated them into their wedding & engagement session photos.  Genessy is such a stunning bride, it made my job easy.  This is the 3rd generation bride & groom who were referred by 2 other couples we shot.  And we have a 4th and 5th generation referral that we will be photographing this June.:)

Like I said, STUNNNNNNING~!!!
We will be shooting Reem, the bridemaid on the far right in June. I can’t wait because I know she’ll be a beautiful bride.
I LOVE this photo because you can just see how much they love their babies & vice versa.
The lighting was amazing.
Reason #285 on why I love weddings:  I get to see so many different cultures & traditions
Moments like these are why I LOVE what I do.
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