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    Welcome to KaniPark Photography.

    We have been shooting weddings for over 10 years now & love, love, LOVE it~!!! I believe that everybody should have amazing photos of their wedding. We have packages that will fit in any budget. My goal is to be your favorite vendor from your wedding.

    Feel free to browse around & leave a comment. We will be posting recent engagement sessions, weddings & photos of our life which includes my three babies, Jace, Tenley & Shaq <3

    Also, here is a link to one of our favorite engagement session: "The Killer Clown"

Kevin’s First Birthday Party | Covina California

Happy birthday to sweet Kevin~!!! 

The adorable birthday boy~!!!
Mommy & Daddy did an awesome job planning the party & making sure everything went smoothly.
Cherry, the Pony & this huge jumper entertained all guests big & small.
Kevin enjoyed crawling around the jumper & exploring all the nooks & crannies it had to offer.
THIS smile:)
Mommy & sweet son:)
Fun with daddy.
Kevin enjoying his first slice of cake:)
Pony show:)
First pony ride for the birthday boy:)
Adorable guests…
EEEKKKKK~ this girl is just too cute!!!
Friends forever:)
Kevin partied hard:P

Kevin's First Birthday from KaniPark Photography on Vimeo.

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McCormick Ranch Camarillo | Jessi & Brian

Jessi & Brian were set up by their moms.  And boy, does mama know best.;) Their wedding was at McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo.:)

I loved all the little details of the wedding. My favoritest? The sign that says, “If you instagram… #jessandbrianwedding”:)
Jessi leaving her bridal suite:)
Handsome groom
First look~!!!
Checking each other out:)
I absolutely LOVE this moment~!!!
Beautiful flower girls:)
Youngest guests at the wedding, also the cutest:)
Adorable ring bearers:)
Sexy ladies:)
The bridal party:)
Men showing off their awesome socks:)
Right when I saw this sign, I knew I wanted to get a picture of it with the couple:)
RAWR Jessica, you are GOURGeous~!!!
I loved all the nooks & crannies of this location:)
Such a beautiful couple:)
Cuteness overload~!!!
These girls are so cute, they acted & looked like angels:)
This is favoritest dad-walking-down-the-daughter-photo of all time~!!!
I loved this moment when Brian gently raised Jessi’s chin after she cried while saying her vows.
Yahoo~ they’re  married:)
Seriously?!? HOTness~!!!
Not bad yourself, Brian:)
First dance. I absolutely LOVE when a couple has a choreographed dance & make it look so easy & natural:)
and of course fun:)
Perfect dip:)
Bam. Pose. Nailed it.
Father-Daughter Dance
Mother-Son dance
I seriously cried while watching the two of them share this sweet moment.
Okay, time to party & when I say party I mean PARTAY~!!! This wedding had the best photo bombers, hahaha:)
Woohoo~ happiest guy in the hizzouse right here:)
Time to cut the yummy cake
I was looking through my camera so I had no idea the cake almost tipped over.
Sweet flower girl to the rescue:)
Kekeke~ look at how cute she is~!!! She held the cake the whole time:)
And finally leaving the party with an awesome exit.

KaniPark Photography from KaniPark Photography on Vimeo.

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Rancho De Las Palmas Wedding in Moorpark | Chelsea & Brad

Chelsea & Brad are high school sweethearts, both went to UCSB & have been together since. You can just see how much they love each other & how much their family & friends love them:)

The family put together all the flower arrangements & they turned out beautifully.
Getting ready 
Chelsea, you are absolutely stunning.
The handsome groom.
The GORGeous bride.
Can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to shoot such a beautiful bride & this location was to die for:)
The cutest ring bearers:)
I mean HELLO~ look at his eyes!!!
Beautiful couple, inside & out:)
I absolutely LOVED the guest sign in canvas that Chelsea’s MOH made by hand.
Brad waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle.
A sweet moment between Chelsea & her dad right before he gives her away.
The awesome venue.
Best unity idea I have seen to date. 
They both gathered dirt from each of their childhood homes & the parents placed it in the pot.
Then together they watered the plant:)
THE kiss:)
I feel like this venue is a hidden secret:)
First dance as husband & wife:)
Father / Daughter dance:)
Mother / Son dance:)
Hippest grandparents I’ve met:)
Friends galore:)
An awesome way to send off the newlyweds:)
Congratulations to the both of you. Wishing you a lifetime of LOVE, laughter & happily ever after:)
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Cali’s Dol | First Birthday Party | Rococo Room Pasadena

Happy Dol sweet Cali:)

In Korea the first birthday of a child is a very significant event. It’s called “dol janchi” or in Hangeul: 돌잔치.  The head table is the main attraction with dol towers, rice cakes (duk) and fruit. The birthday baby will be dressed in a hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit. The highlight of the festivities occurs when it’s time for the doljabi (돌잡이) ritual. This is the time when various items are placed in front of the child and guest watch to see what the child picks up first. It is believed that whatever he chooses will determine his future.
Beautiful tablescape
I just LOVE Cali’s sweet smile:)
This party was perfect in every way.
Birthday girl in front of the dessert table:)
Dol Towers made from beans & candy:)
Surround with LOVE the whole day:)
View from the second floor of the Rococo Room
Beautiful family:)
DJ made sure the day went smoothly & it did.
Cali entertaining everyone by clapping:)
Ummah & Cali:)
Auntie won a bottle of Sriracha Sauce for being hot:)
Time to see who could drink the fastest out of the bottle.
Competition was fierce:)
2 winners:)
Time to see what Cali picked for the doljabi:)
Straight for the golf ball symbolizing athleticism:) 
Time to hangout with friends
The balloon artist was awesome:)
Ahbah & Cali:)
Eeekkk~ cuteness overload
The most adorable girl:)
The coolest balloon animal I have ever seen. And just because, the BEST sloth video you will ever see –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jw3T3Jy70:)
Happiness to you & your beautiful family Cali:)

Cali's Dol from KaniPark Photography on Vimeo.

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Maternity Session | Mike & Johanna

My dearest friend, Mike(e) & his awesome wife, Johanna are having their first baby!!!

Can’t believe it’s been 15 years since we first met. I remember trips to McDonald’s on Tuesday for their $0.29 hamburgers & Sunday’s for their $0.39 cheeseburgers, trips to 7-eleven for their icees, studying, NOT;) making forts in the living room, trips up north & to Vegas. There are SOO many awesome memories that I will always cherish & having a friend like you in college has been a real blessing. You have ALWAYS had such a kind heart & have always been there for your friends. Johanna is such a sweet person & I am so happy we have been able to keep in touch after college. Can’t wait to hangout even more after your baby arrives.

Johanna, you are glowing!!!
You two are so cute together~!!!
Welcome to what will be the craziest, most tiresome & most rewarding time of your life. You will feel love like you have never felt & it (love) & your baby will rock your world. All in the most awesomest way possible of course. Can’t wait for future play dates where us mamas can drink & daddies watch after the kiddos;)

So happy I was able to shoot this beautiful moment in your lives.

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