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Rancho Las Lomas, Orange County Wedding | Clarissa & Paul

Oh my goodness~!!! What can I say about this awesome couple~!!! Clarissa met Paul when she joined the 80s band, Neon Nation~!!! I had soo~ much fun shooting their wedding at my favoritest venue, Rancho Las Lomas.  This is going to be a loooonnnnggggg post~!!! Ready? Okay, Go!!!:)

I just love how organic Clarissa’s bouquet is:)
Clarissa added the feathers & beading to her shoes:)
Handsome Groom:)

There were 25 tables & each had their own unique, beautiful center pieces~!!! Bre from Joyful Weddings and Events did an amazing job with all the details of the wedding.

LOVE this set of both bride & groom seeing each other for the first time:)
LOVE the slight side snug:)
how cute is the flower girl?!?!!!
First kiss as husband & wife:)
The parentals:)
PARTY bus:)
We made a pit stop at the couples home to take a few shots with their baby, J.  She lunged at me in the first shot, hahaha. She was so excited to play & was waiting for mama to toss the bouquet. It was really cute:)
Family photo:)
And back to Rancho Las Lomas for the reception.
Guest stamp in:)
Guest gifts were these personalized lighters for everyone to light & wave during their (Neon Nation’s) performance. What an awesome idea~!!!
Beautiful ladies
LOVE me some photobombing action, hahaha~
working it:)
LOVE the guy on Paul’s leg:)
Awesome bridal party flipping the BYRD:)
beautiful couple:)
I LOVE this bench~!!!
yeehaw~!!! hahaha:)
rawr~!!! i don’t know which stare down is more mesmerizing:)
Blankies for guests:)
GRAND entrance~!!! 

Awesome band

First Dance

Mmm~ Dessert table:)
Cotton Candy?!? YES~!!! 
Bouquet/Garder Toss
Right after the slide show Clarissa & Paul sang & that began Neon Nations set:)
I feel SOO~ lucky I got to see them perform live~!!! 

Here’s two videos clips I shot of Neon Nation’s performance Walking on Sunshine & Into the Groove, enjoy…. I know I did :)

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Pat HennessyMay 26, 2012 - 5:26 am

Awesome photos! You guys did it up righteous!

McCormick Ranch Camarillo | Jessi & Brian

Jessi & Brian were set up by their moms.  And boy, does mama know best.;) Their wedding was at McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo.:)

I loved all the little details of the wedding. My favoritest? The sign that says, “If you instagram… #jessandbrianwedding”:)
Jessi leaving her bridal suite:)
Handsome groom
First look~!!!
Checking each other out:)
I absolutely LOVE this moment~!!!
Beautiful flower girls:)
Youngest guests at the wedding, also the cutest:)
Adorable ring bearers:)
Sexy ladies:)
The bridal party:)
Men showing off their awesome socks:)
Right when I saw this sign, I knew I wanted to get a picture of it with the couple:)
RAWR Jessica, you are GOURGeous~!!!
I loved all the nooks & crannies of this location:)
Such a beautiful couple:)
Cuteness overload~!!!
These girls are so cute, they acted & looked like angels:)
This is favoritest dad-walking-down-the-daughter-photo of all time~!!!
I loved this moment when Brian gently raised Jessi’s chin after she cried while saying her vows.
Yahoo~ they’re  married:)
Seriously?!? HOTness~!!!
Not bad yourself, Brian:)
First dance. I absolutely LOVE when a couple has a choreographed dance & make it look so easy & natural:)
and of course fun:)
Perfect dip:)
Bam. Pose. Nailed it.
Father-Daughter Dance
Mother-Son dance
I seriously cried while watching the two of them share this sweet moment.
Okay, time to party & when I say party I mean PARTAY~!!! This wedding had the best photo bombers, hahaha:)
Woohoo~ happiest guy in the hizzouse right here:)
Time to cut the yummy cake
I was looking through my camera so I had no idea the cake almost tipped over.
Sweet flower girl to the rescue:)
Kekeke~ look at how cute she is~!!! She held the cake the whole time:)
And finally leaving the party with an awesome exit.
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Baby Mila’s 1st Photo Shoot | Griffith Park Merry Go Round

Mila is Michele & Mark’s beautiful baby girl~!!! Michele & Mark had the most awesomest KILLER clown engagement session & their wedding was no different. I have to say they had the BEST first look photos & reactions:)

I absolutely LOVE being able to keep in touch with couples as well as capture their growing family:)

Mila is so dang cute:)


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Cafe Del Rey Wedding, Marina Del Rey | Larisa & Rafi

This is Larisa & Rafi’s 3rd wedding, to each other of course:)Celebrating with Larisa family & close friends at the delicious Cafe Del Rey in Marina Del Rey.

Before the guest arrived we had some time to walk around the marina & get some awesome shots:)
Larisa & Rafi made the bouquet~!!! I absolutely LOVE the colors~!!! Each petal is a sheet of paper. It took them 3 seasons of Big Bang Theory to finish it:)
Just look at that sweet face!!!!!!!!!
Rafi watching his wife walk down the aisle:)
I just LOVE intimate weddings. It’s so nice seeing the couple being able to spend time with their loved ones:)
Greeting their youngest guest:)
Clink, clink, clink:)
Cutepatootie alert~!!!
Best crab cake EVER:)
Seared Salmon
Prime Sirloin Burger 
Clink, clink, clink:)
Such a sweet, fun couple:)
Getting the party started:)
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