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Cali’s Dol | First Birthday Party | Rococo Room Pasadena

Happy Dol sweet Cali 🙂

In Korea the first birthday of a child is a very significant event. It’s called “dol janchi” or in Hangeul: 돌잔치.  The head table is the main attraction with dol towers, rice cakes (duk) and fruit. The birthday baby will be dressed in a hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit. The highlight of the festivities occurs when it’s time for the doljabi (돌잡이) ritual. This is the time when various items are placed in front of the child and guest watch to see what the child picks up first. It is believed that whatever he chooses will determine his future.
Beautiful tablescape
I just LOVE Cali’s sweet smile 🙂
This party was perfect in every way.
Birthday girl in front of the dessert table 🙂
Dol Towers made from beans & candy 🙂
Surround with LOVE the whole day 🙂
View from the second floor of the Rococo Room
Beautiful family 🙂
DJ made sure the day went smoothly & it did.
Cali entertaining everyone by clapping 🙂
Ummah & Cali 🙂
Auntie won a bottle of Sriracha Sauce for being hot 🙂
Time to see who could drink the fastest out of the bottle.
Competition was fierce 🙂
2 winners 🙂
Time to see what Cali picked for the doljabi 🙂
Straight for the golf ball symbolizing athleticism 🙂 
Time to hangout with friends
The balloon artist was awesome 🙂
Ahbah & Cali 🙂
Eeekkk~ cuteness overload
The most adorable girl 🙂
The coolest balloon animal I have ever seen. And just because, the BEST sloth video you will ever see –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jw3T3Jy70 🙂
Happiness to you & your beautiful family Cali 🙂
Cali’s Dol Album – First Birthday Album

Here is a short video we created for Cali  =)

Cali's Dol from KaniPark Photography on Vimeo.

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