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Cara’s Dol | First Birthday Party

I am so happy I was able to shoot Cara’s first birthday. I shot her sister, Cali’s 1st birthday party 2.5yrs ago. Once again the party was decorated & celebrated with so much love.

These are traditional Korean dresses called hanbok & accessories to be worn by the birthday girl.
The happy birthday girl πŸ™‚Β 
I just love me a good rainbow themed party. The perfect way to brighten up a day.
In Korea the first birthday of a child is a very significant event. It’s called β€œdol janchi” or in Hangeul: λŒμž”μΉ˜. The highlight of the festivities occurs when it’s time for the doljabi (돌작이) ritual. This is the time when various items are placed in front of the child and guest watch to see what the child picks up first. It is believed that whatever she chooses will determine her future.
These are by far the cutest doljabi items I have ever seen!
Sisterly LOVE πŸ™‚
Cake smash time!
Eekkk~Is Cara not the cutest?!?
Nom nom nom πŸ™‚
What will Cara choose? πŸ™‚
The gavel representing Lawyer πŸ™‚
Happy birthday Cara πŸ™‚

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