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    Welcome to KaniPark Photography. We’ve been photographing weddings since 2004.

    We are Full-Time wedding photographers. This is what we love and love to do. If your looking for amazing pictures & customer service orientated wedding photographers, look no further. Our goal is for you to say we are your favorite vendor from your wedding day.  We are a husband & wife photography team that cares about your memories. We treat every single wedding like if we were photographing it for our own family. We know how important this day is to you and we want to capture every moment.

    We do a blend of photography: artistic, photojournalistic & traditional. This way you get the most variety of pictures at the end of the day. We understand the importance of Family Pictures, we will make everyone comfortable and get all the pictures you need. We take pride in our work. We spend a lot of time post processing all your pictures. We want to make sure all your pictures are ready to print as soon as you get them. You get all the copyrights to the high-resolution files. You will be able to get them printed at any digital lab of your choice. Your memories are absolutely safe in our hands.

Liz & Eli’s Wedding | Renaissance Banquet Hall

Liz & Eli are the sweetest couple. I just love seeing the look on their face when they look at each other, I love their soft, gentle interactions & LOVE watching them dance together. You can tell they were just meant to be together.

Liz, seriously gorgeous bride.
The beautiful ladies
The married couple 🙂
The night was filled with dancing, a live band, a mariachi band, dancing, Liz gracing us with her beautiful singing, oh & did I mention dancing? 😛 

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Lyla & Noah’s Baptism | St. Ephraim Cathedral

I shot Linda & Victor’s Wedding 4 years ago & shot several family member & friend’s weddings all thanks to Linda. And here I am again to shoot another beautiful event in their lives, Lyla & Noah’s baptism.

The happy family 🙂

Check out this handsome little guy 🙂

Working the camera 🙂

Time to party & celebrate 🙂

So happy we got to go out to get a few photos of the family 🙂


I can’t even. Gotta love mommy/baby moments 🙂

Lyla is seriously just the cutest.

Cake time 🙂

One of my favorite photos of the day. Noah trying to get a good look, hahaha 🙂

And one last one of mommy & daddy who put this whole event together.

Linda, I couldn’t be happier to shoot your beautiful children’s baptism/first birthday party. So thankful I have known you for so long & have been able to shoot so many beautiful memories with you & your whole family. Every shoot is like a big ‘ol family reunion for me & it makes me feel so blessed & honored to be a part of it all 😘😘

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Cara’s Dol | First Birthday Party

I am so happy I was able to shoot Cara’s first birthday. I shot her sister, Cali’s 1st birthday party 2.5yrs ago. Once again the party was decorated & celebrated with so much love.

These are traditional Korean dresses called hanbok & accessories to be worn by the birthday girl.
The happy birthday girl 🙂 
I just love me a good rainbow themed party. The perfect way to brighten up a day.
In Korea the first birthday of a child is a very significant event. It’s called “dol janchi” or in Hangeul: 돌잔치. The highlight of the festivities occurs when it’s time for the doljabi (돌잡이) ritual. This is the time when various items are placed in front of the child and guest watch to see what the child picks up first. It is believed that whatever she chooses will determine her future.
These are by far the cutest doljabi items I have ever seen!
Sisterly LOVE 🙂
Cake smash time!
Eekkk~Is Cara not the cutest?!?
Nom nom nom 🙂
What will Cara choose? 🙂
The gavel representing Lawyer 🙂
Happy birthday Cara 🙂

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Middle Ranch Wedding | Elizabeth & Connor

Elizabeth & Connor are such a cute & fun couple. They are High School Sweethearts & you can just see the LOVE they have between the two of them. 

There were a ton of DIY details through the wedding 🙂
I just love how they decorated their venue with photos.
I especially LOVE seeing photos of the couple’s high school dance photos 🙂
Photos of both their parents on each side of their engagement photo 🙂
Cute guest sign in 🙂
Yummy 🙂
The coolest wedding gift I’ve seen 🙂
It’s a voice printout on canvas of Connor saying, “I will always love you, Liz.” <3<3<3
Such a beautiful bride 🙂
Surrounded by LOVE 🙂
Handsome groom
Elizabeth wanted to a first glance without seeing each other & I thought it was a sweet moment between the two of them~!!! To see the anticipation & giddiness in their faces was priceless 🙂
I love how grandma was able to join in the festivities via skype 🙂
Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After 🙂
A memory box they’ll open in 10 years which included the vows they just read 🙂
Elizabeth wanted us to capture THE kiss from this angle~!!! Wish I could do this all the time 🙂
They are both HUGE broncos fans 🙂
Blushing Bride~!!!
Elizabeth’s 2nd look was just AWESOME~!!! Love the hair down & the jewelry 🙂
Dad giving his AWESOME toast 🙂

First Dance as Husband & Wife 🙂

Party Time 🙂

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Pickwick Garden | Jane & Michael

Jane & Michael are such a sweet, fun couple who met in the dorms in college & have been together ever since. They have a love that is transparent to all & their joy is contagious.

Jane, you are absolutely GORGeous~!!!
Oh boy~ hahaha 😛
Future wifey played along 🙂
Michael was completely surprised to see a sandwich was made 🙂
Getting ready for the first look & the anticipation between the two of them was just so awesome to see 🙂
And THIS is why I absolutely LOVE first looks~!!!
 Beautiful ladies 🙂
Handsome guys 🙂
Awesome party 🙂
Here somes the bride.

My favoritest moment of EVERY wedding 🙂

And THIS is why 🙂

First kiss as husband & wife 🙂

Beautiful couple inside & out 🙂
First dance 🙂
Toast time 🙂
This photo cracks me up~!!!
It has something to do with what this best man said, hahaha 😛
In shock, hahaha!!!
And it continues 🙂
These smiles were brought to you by…
…this awesome friend who serenaded them on video 🙂
Time to PAR~tay 🙂
Scurred, hahaha 🙂
Okay, not really 😛
Getting down with mama 🙂
Okay, I had to add this one of me in standing fetal position, hahaha. I can genuinely say that I had the bestest time at your wedding & that I am truly thankful to have awesome clients in my life. Thank you EVERYONE for putting me on blast & making me feel like one of your own. Feeling LOVED & blessed 🙂

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