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    Welcome to KaniPark Photography. We’ve been photographing weddings since 2004.

    We are Full-Time wedding photographers. This is what we love and love to do. If your looking for amazing pictures & customer service orientated wedding photographers, look no further. Our goal is for you to say we are your favorite vendor from your wedding day.  We are a husband & wife photography team that cares about your memories. We treat every single wedding like if we were photographing it for our own family. We know how important this day is to you and we want to capture every moment.

    We do a blend of photography: artistic, photojournalistic & traditional. This way you get the most variety of pictures at the end of the day. We understand the importance of Family Pictures, we will make everyone comfortable and get all the pictures you need. We take pride in our work. We spend a lot of time post processing all your pictures. We want to make sure all your pictures are ready to print as soon as you get them. You get all the copyrights to the high-resolution files. You will be able to get them printed at any digital lab of your choice. Your memories are absolutely safe in our hands.

Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara Wedding | Kyra & Chad

Kyra & Chad are the sweetest couple.  Kyra look absolutely stunning in her dress and I love it when the men wear beige, tan, gray suits.  They had a beautiful wedding in the courtyard of the Biltmore.  This Hotel is a goldmine when it comes to photography locations.  We were even able to walk right across the street to get some great photos on the beach.  Chad’s dad was the best man.  When Jeff & I found out we were surprised because Chad has so many friends yet he asked his dad to stand by his side.  His father was so happy and proud and said he was even surprised when he was asked.  Jeff & I talk about how happy it would make him if Jace were to ask him to be his bestman.

Kyra wore her mother’s wedding dress. Below is a picture of her mother that was displayed on the guest table, with a signed that said, “Every bride wants her wedding dress to be special.  What is more meaningful than to wear a dress that belonged to your mother…  My mother’s dressmaker designed her wedding gown twenty-four years ago.  Today I have the honor & pleasure of wearing the same dress, slightly altered by the same dress maker.  Some of you here today may even remember!  A wonderful gesture & a treasured gift!”  Once I saw it I knew I wanted to recreate the pose 🙂 

I just LOVE taking first glance photos of the couples, cuz 1. we get to have more time with the couple for portraits & 2. we get an opportunity capture beautiful emotions 🙂


Their reception was gorgeous, their wedding planner did an amazing job putting everything together.

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Kevin’s First Birthday Party | Covina California

Happy birthday to sweet Kevin~!!! 

The adorable birthday boy~!!!
Mommy & Daddy did an awesome job planning the party & making sure everything went smoothly.
Cherry, the Pony & this huge jumper entertained all guests big & small.
Kevin enjoyed crawling around the jumper & exploring all the nooks & crannies it had to offer.
THIS smile 🙂
Mommy & sweet son 🙂
Fun with daddy.
Kevin enjoying his first slice of cake 🙂
Pony show 🙂
First pony ride for the birthday boy 🙂
Adorable guests…
EEEKKKKK~ this girl is just too cute!!!
Friends forever 🙂
Kevin partied hard 😛

Kevin’s First Birthday from KaniPark Photography on Vimeo.

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Cali’s Dol | First Birthday Party | Rococo Room Pasadena

Happy Dol sweet Cali 🙂

In Korea the first birthday of a child is a very significant event. It’s called “dol janchi” or in Hangeul: 돌잔치.  The head table is the main attraction with dol towers, rice cakes (duk) and fruit. The birthday baby will be dressed in a hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit. The highlight of the festivities occurs when it’s time for the doljabi (돌잡이) ritual. This is the time when various items are placed in front of the child and guest watch to see what the child picks up first. It is believed that whatever he chooses will determine his future.
Beautiful tablescape
I just LOVE Cali’s sweet smile 🙂
This party was perfect in every way.
Birthday girl in front of the dessert table 🙂
Dol Towers made from beans & candy 🙂
Surround with LOVE the whole day 🙂
View from the second floor of the Rococo Room
Beautiful family 🙂
DJ made sure the day went smoothly & it did.
Cali entertaining everyone by clapping 🙂
Ummah & Cali 🙂
Auntie won a bottle of Sriracha Sauce for being hot 🙂
Time to see who could drink the fastest out of the bottle.
Competition was fierce 🙂
2 winners 🙂
Time to see what Cali picked for the doljabi 🙂
Straight for the golf ball symbolizing athleticism 🙂 
Time to hangout with friends
The balloon artist was awesome 🙂
Ahbah & Cali 🙂
Eeekkk~ cuteness overload
The most adorable girl 🙂
The coolest balloon animal I have ever seen. And just because, the BEST sloth video you will ever see –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jw3T3Jy70 🙂
Happiness to you & your beautiful family Cali 🙂
Cali’s Dol Album – First Birthday Album

Here is a short video we created for Cali  =)

Cali's Dol from KaniPark Photography on Vimeo.

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Orange Terrace Community Center Wedding in Riverside | Christiana & Dan

Christiana & Dan are a rockin’ hot couple who are perfect for each other. We went to the California Citrus State Historic Park for the first glance. I loved seeing all the oranges, it is Riverside after all 🙂

Christiana, you are such a beautiful bride.
First glance 🙂
Silly couples are the best couples 😛
LOVE the socks 🙂
Beautiful family 🙂
Awesome center pieces printed on old school paper 🙂
I just LOVE this photo of Christiana & her girls 🙂
The adorable flower girls 🙂
A special vow & necklaces for the girls 🙂
THE kiss 🙂
First dance as husband & wife 🙂

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Baby Jack’s Baptism | St. Kateri Tekekwitha Catholic Church

Meet Jack 🙂 

Isn’t he just adorable? 🙂
Someone’s excited to get baptized 🙂
Jack is so lucky to have so many loved ones to share this awesome day with 🙂
I was blessed just being able to witness & document this joyous occasion 🙂
Holding the candle Godfather lit for him 🙂
LOVE this HAPPY family photo~!!!
Such a happy little guy 🙂
We were saying our goodbyes & I seriously couldn’t resist taking more photos of this handsome boy 🙂
One more just because I can 😛

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