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Braemar Country Club, Tarzana Wedding – Connie & Carlos

First, we must say, happy and wonderful people like Connie and Jeff should populate the world! From our very first consultation to the day of our wedding, Connie and Jeff were consistent with their caring support, professionalism and follow-through. Their knowledge of the Greater Los Angeles area allowed for us to better hone in on a location for our engagement photos (you don’t have to take your pictures in L.A. though), which helped us ease our minds and not get overwhelmed. We can go on and on about our engagement shoot, but really, YOU, the bride-and-groom-to-be have to work with Connie and Jeff to fully comprehend how great the photographers really are. They were extremely flexible with the time of our engagement shoot (super helpful since we work full-time), BUT, advised us on the best time of day to take photos as the sunlight makes a huge difference on the quality of the photos. Connie and Jeff are very easy-going allowing us to relax, ease our minds, and have a great time being ourselves throughout our engagement shoot, which showed in our pictures. Weeks before our wedding, Connie and Jeff gave us a call to make sure we were doing great and if we needed any help…day-of timeline, etc. With the hustle and bustle of trying to get everything done (since we did not have a wedding coordinator) it felt really great to know that people like Connie and Jeff cared about our well-being in general. Connie and Jeff are interested in helping, they C-A-R-E, which are qualities that many people do not possess these days…

The day of our wedding…well, what can I say? It was the best day of our lives. Connie and Jeff were once again, timely and professional, taking pictures of EVERY detail of our wedding. (We didn’t have a videographer, but it didn’t matter…Connie and Jeff captured every moment!). We can’t thank Connie and Jeff enough for everything they’ve done for us — we are still grinning ear to ear when we look at our wedding pictures! My friends have paid up the gazooo for their wedding photographers, but their pictures do not even compare to the quality of ours. We cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are to Connie and Jeff. We will definitely work with them again….when we take family photos with our first baby!

Thank you C & J!!!!!!!!!!

St. Denis Catholic Church, Diamond Bar Wedding – Diana & Mark

Mark and I met Connie & Jeff at one of our close friends’ wedding. During that time, Mark and I were engaged and were looking for photographers for our own wedding. Mark was one of the groomsmen at this wedding. So he was really paying attention to Jeff. He liked a lot of the shot that Jeff took. He also liked the idea of having 2 photographers taking pictures. During the reception, they were even taking pictures of the guests, which Mark liked. After their wedding, his friend e-mailed us a link where we could view their photos, and we really liked their work. Plus, they highly recommended them to us for our wedding.

So, Mark called up Jeff to discuss the package they offered. After the end of the conversation, Mark booked them over the phone. We really didn’t need to see their work, since we already saw their pictures from our friends’ wedding. They were absolutely beautiful!!! They even threw in a free engagement session since we booked over the phone.

During our engagement session, I was completely nervous. Mark is a photogenic guy who can take great pictures. I’m not rally good with candid shots. I’m always smiling, and can’t help it. Plus, the only time we met Jeff & Connie was during our friends’ wedding So, I wasn’t sure how our photo session was going to turn out. To my surprise, it was super fun!! Connie & Jeff are so laid back and made us feel so comfortable. We had so much fun during the session, that we even went out to eat after, at our favorite sushi bar (and theirs too)!!

On the day of our wedding, I heard a lot of stories from other brides stating how stressful the day was for them. It was the complete opposite for us. Our wedding day was definitely the most stress free event for us. I’ve been more stressed planning out Mark’s birthday parties than our wedding. It really helped that all our vendors were great!! Connie & Jeff were superb. We had a pretty big entourage (12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen). We thought it would be really hard to get a lot of good pictures with such a big wedding party. Connie was with my girls and me, and Jeff was taking pictures with the guys. Connie took a lot of great shots of my girls and me. I was super happy with the way our pictures turned out.

The day of our wedding went by so fast. It’s really hard to relive all of the great moments that happened at our wedding. I can honestly say that Connie & Jeff did such a wonderful job capturing the precious moments we had on that day. One of the great things about Connie & Jeff is that they gave us our pictures right away. We received our pictures in less than 2 weeks from the date of our wedding. They took over 3000 pictures at our wedding, and they gave us a CD of all of the pictures. Jeff & Connie are making an album for us and we have to choose a certain amount of pictures for that album. Unfortunately, we have so many great pictures to choose from, it’s taking us so much time to get back to them!! =)

I highly recommend Connie & Jeff’s Photography for so many reasons. Just to name a few: Jeff was always quick to call me or e-mail me in response to any questions I had. They are such a fun couple that it made taking pictures a lot easier. (I think it’s truly important to have a good relationship/rapport with your vendors). They also created a website link for us of some of the pictures they took at our engagement session and at our wedding!! Last but not least, they took such beautiful pictures at our wedding, that just looking through them allows me to relive the day every day! You will not be disappointed WHEN you choose Connie & Jeff! =)

Bel Air Bay Club, Malibu Wedding  – Deann & Nguyen

To Connie:  I don’t even know where to begin. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I seriously think you were my most FAVORITE vendor of them all!!!!!! My day wouldn’t have been magical without you there. You have such a warmth and sweetness to you. I can’t tell you how many times you “saved the day” for me, from the safety pins, to helping me deal with our crazy families, to the coffee I spilled on my dress….I didn’t even feel like you were the photographer, more like a good friend looking out for me and taking pictures too (which I am sure, are going to be so beautiful!) Your smile just lights up the room and you have such patience and a way with dealing with people, you even make cute sounds to make the kids look at you! All of my bridesmaids kept telling me they loved you…and that you were so good! Honestly, I just can’t thank you enough. I feel like you made our day so special and it wouldn’t have been the same without you there. I look forward to seeing you again for our trash the dress session!

Natural History Museum, Los Angeles Wedding – Anna & Joel

Connie & Jeff are an energetic, professional team who captured the joy of our wedding day brilliantly. We would definitely recommend Connie & Jeff to anyone looking for enthusiastic and experienced photographers at a reasonable price.

My husband and I began our search for photographers as most couples do, by seeking out the suggestions of friends and family. Unfortunately, the majority of recommendations we received were either out of our price range or unavailable. We were a bit nervous about searching online for photographers, but we got the idea from my sister-in-law’s wedding to search for a married couple working as a team.

We found Connie & Jeff’s website and were impressed by their beautiful sample photographs set to the alluring melody of Claire de Lune. My husband contacted Connie & Jeff via their website and heard back from Jeff by the end of the day. After confirming their availability, Jeff sent suggestions on a meeting time and place for my husband and me to look over their work and talk about their products. Living close enough to the valley, we decided to meet Connie & Jeff near their home office.

It is safe to say that we immediately liked Connie & Jeff the first time we met. Their album samples (magazine-style) were gorgeous, and we were delighted to find out that Jeff did all the layout designs and editing himself – a nice way to save a bit on cost. Their wedding package was definitely within our admittedly modest budget, and to sweeten the deal, they offered us a free engagement session if we signed with them that day.

We met Connie & Jeff in Malibu for our engagement session, sunset at the beach. Connie’s bright and even quirky attitude were infectious and Jeff’s friendliness made us feel instantly comfortable. Once we got onto the beach, it became quickly evident that Connie & Jeff were very experienced photographers. At times they directed our poses, which was a great help, and at other times they let my husband and me have fun by ourselves while they took some great candid shots. A few weeks after our session, Connie & Jeff sent us a DVD with over three hundred shots and a selection of specially edited photos.

We worked with Connie & Jeff before the wedding to ensure the day would go as smoothly as possible. Since we had a winter wedding, Jeff looked up the sunset time for us to make sure we had enough lighting for any outdoor shots. On the day of the wedding, Connie came to take the getting-ready shots of the girls, while Jeff met the guys at the church. Even before the ceremony began, we had enough time to take care of all of the separate bridal party shots. One look at those pictures will show that

everyone had a great time working with Connie & Jeff. Connie made me and the bridesmaids feel so relaxed, which really helped to settle my nerves. In my session alone with her, it struck me that Connie was more friend than vendor, and I loved the shots she took. My husband said that Jeff was equally as engaging and took some great pics of him and the groomsmen.

Connie & Jeff’s excellent work continued through the ceremony and reception, which were a complete blur. Thank goodness we had their pictures as a concrete reminder that yes, we did in fact get married that day. We were particularly pleased that Connie & Jeff made the most of the reception venue, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Connie’s skillful eye took advantage of the architecture, the amber lighting, and of course, the animal displays! Connie & Jeff also took pictures of every table and even more impressive, every couple in the reception hall, which allowed us to send personalized thank you cards to each of our guests.

In less than two weeks after our wedding, Connie & Jeff sent us two DVDs with over two thousand shots documenting the day. Many photographers charge extra for the “rights” to your photos but not Connie & Jeff. It took us a while to narrow down the photos we wanted in the album, but once we sent the list to Connie & Jeff, they had the proofs of the album ready within a month. Jeff put together a great spread and incorporated our comments and suggestions seamlessly. When we picked up the finished album a few weeks later, we knew that we had made the right decision to choose Connie & Jeff.

When my husband first contacted Connie& Jeff, he wrote, “More than a quality product, we want to have a positive (fun, laid-back, etc.) experience working with our photographer and hope the shots can capture the same.” This is exactly what Connie & Jeff provided. We loved working with Connie & Jeff and are extremely grateful that we have such wonderful pictures with which to remember the excitement and emotion of our wedding day.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Ontario Wedding – Erin & Tim

My husband and I were married January 31st of this year and I am so happy we choose Connie and Jeff to photograph our wedding. I came across Connie and Jeff’s Photography through the Knot, at first look, I feel in love with their wedding photographs. I really liked the fact that they were a husband and a wife team, therefore I could have Connie with me and the girls before the wedding and my husband Tim could have Jeff with him and the guys before.

We met with them and Connie came down to greet us with a smile. We felt very welcomed from our first meeting. They were both very thorough and detailed about their wedding packages and we loved what they had to offer us. We ended up getting the package with unlimited pictures in which we would get the rights. (I know some photographers don’t even give the rights to their clients.) We also got a big album and 2 little albums and an engagement session. They even brought us sparkling cider to celebrate! The price was right for what we were getting.Picking a photographer for your wedding to me personally is the most important decision, your pictures are your memories from your wedding and I’m so glad we went with Connie and Jeff’s Photography!

We met to do our engagement session in Malibu and even though it was very windy the pictures turned out beautiful! We had a lot of fun playing in the sand and laughing and getting to know Connie and Jeff better. They made us feel comfortable! The day of our wedding,they made us feel very comfortable. Connie was right there with me and the girls getting ready and Jeff was with Tim. Throughout the whole ceremony and reception we hardly even noticed they were they and yet they took so many fantastic pictures!

We have gotten so many compliments on our pictures from people looking at our album or seeing them on facebook. 🙂 I have already referred Connie and Jeff to some friends who are getting ready and our friends Scott and Ashley went with Connie and Jeff after being referred to by us and they loved them also.After we returned from our honeymoon, Tim and I were so excited to see our pictures! We were able to see them a few weeks later, they were so fast! We absolutely loved them! Connie and Jeff did such an amazing job and I am so happy we picked them. Thank you Connie and Jeff for the beautiful pictures you took of our special day.

Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove Wedding – Hanna & Sam

My husband and I were married on April 5, 2008. We were married in the Crystal Cathedral and had over 800 guests and also a fairly big bridal party. I wanted all of the day’s moments captured on camera as best as possible. I met Connie and Jeff at my cousin’s wedding in April of 2007. They had a mishap with their previous photographer and Connie and Jeff were GRACIOUS enough to show up last minute and take beautiful pictures. After my husband and I saw the pictures, we set up a meeting, talked about options and signed the contract. It was easy and smooth and I could not have asked for more.

I really liked Connie and Jeff because of the fact that both of them took pictures on our day. We got so many great moments and I am now able to share those photos with everyone on this site. I have to say, they were the most stress-free vendor in the wedding. I didn’t even know they were around and the guests had such a great time with them. My husband and I LOVED the poses and ideas they had. We told them in the beginning that we were a fun and energetic couple and wanted the MOST natural shots. I am a person who doesn’t particularly like those dramatic poses. Both Connie and Jeff listened to us and also respected our parent’s wishes by taking some formal posing pictures.

I HIGHLY recommend them because you get two photographers that truly care about the client. My husband and I were able to look at our pictures so quickly after the wedding. I was amazed with the turnover rate. We got all of our pictures (thousands) but unfortunately misplaced our CDs during our move to Georgia. But we contacted them and they were understanding and eager to help us in any way possible.

Altadena Country Club, Pasadena Wedding – Monica & Brian

Planning a wedding from out of state is never fun. With only 3 months away from our BIG day, we were extremely lucky to have found vendors that worked around our tight schedule and across the miles. My husband and I had recently moved to Oregon from California, therefore, my main source for research were magazines as well as the internet. I found Connie & Jeff’s add in The Knot magazine and after receiving a friendly & speedy email response from Jeff, I immediately set up a meeting with them during one of our travels back and forth between the two states. We met in their BH office and they presented us with a very descriptive presentation of their services which for the kind of pictures (both traditional & candid), prices, and quality we were looking for, it was great and we booked them on the spot! Which by the way, they added a mini-album with our wedding pictures I could carry in my purse to show off to everyone and anyone I ran into just for booking them that same day.

During our meeting, we set up our engagement session to take place in Malibu beach on our next trip to California the following month. Both, Brian and I, are happy with the outcome of our pictures even though mother nature decided to blow the wind from all directions that day. We were comfortable enough with Connie & Jeff to act silly and just be ourselves that day and the pictures are a testament to their wonderful work and the reason as to why they are displayed in our home.

On the wedding day, they showed up earlier than the time planned and were with us until the last dance. With two photographers, Connie with myself and Jeff with Brian, coverage of our special day was awesome. The package included anywhere from 1200-1500 pictures and we got to keep ALL the images taken that day which was the latter, as well as the pictures from our engagement session. With the efficiency & speedy turnaround these guys had, we were not complaining one bit.

From when we first met with them until the day they turned in our album, we were completely satisfied with their professional manner and personally touched by their genuine great spirits. I would also like to share with you how Connie & Jeff went the extra mile to hand deliver our wedding album to us. After the wedding, we were to visit family & friends once again in California the following couple of months, and because of our tight weekend schedule, they offered to meet us at our friends’ dinner party to make sure Brian and I would be happy with the outcome. Needless to say, we were very pleased as were our friends, and have since then received many wonderful compliments on our wedding pictures as well as on the lovely couple behind the cameras.

Love is truly made up of special moments, and Connie & Jeff truly captured ours that day. CJ was the best and easiest decision we made for our wedding photos because they delivered the work they promised and because they also took suggestions we made while we worked with them and turned it into something beautiful for Brian and I to remember for years to come.

You will not be disappointed!

Lucky Strikes Bowling, Downtown LA Wedding – Crystal & Brian

Let me just say: Connie & Jeff are AWESOME! We liked them from the very first meeting, where they showed us samples of their work and discussed packages and pricing. From that point on, they never disappointed us once. Inclement weather forced us to change our first engagement session appointment and they were totally understanding and flexible. Every email and call from us was responded to within a day. They gave a lot of input, but were also open to any ideas that we had about poses and locations. We previewed their 150 favorite shots from the actual wedding day and every single one is amazing. There’s a great balance between fun shots, candids, traditional poses, artsy shots…basically every possible way you could want your wedding to be captured. We have received many compliments from the wedding party and guests about the quality of our photos. We would recommend Connie & Jeff to anyone.

Sportsmen Lodge, North Hollywood Wedding – Cathlene & Victor

I can’t say enough good things about Connie & Jeff. Right off the bat, my husband and I felt comfortable with them. They are easy to work with and easy to get along with – which is very important! A lot of couples don’t realize how much of your wedding day will be spent with the photographers. If their images are awesome, but their attitude sucks, your day will not be very pleasant. Thankfully, Connie & Jeff were both skilled photographers and fun people to be around.

They were very accommodating, even traveling all the way to San Diego on a Saturday for our engagement shoot. We were able to see our pictures just a few days after the session. They set up a teaser website for us while we waited for the completed images. Just two weeks after the engagement shoot, a DVD of our pictures was in the mail. We love that we had rights to all our images, not like other photographers. They don’t watermark their shots and they did not force us to print our photos with them.

On our wedding day, Connie & Jeff were not just friendly and fun … they worked SUPER hard. Connie was even days away from her due date! Pregnancy did not stop her from getting amazing shots and making sure our day went smoothly. My parents were very impressed with them … and it’s hard to impress them. They especially loved Connie for having a bridal emergency kit. My mom’s false eyelash came off before the wedding and the makeup artist had already left. Connie to the rescue! She had eyelash glue and tweezers in her purse and the crisis was averted.

From our first engagement shoot to the ordering of our wedding album, Connie & Jeff were a pleasure to work with. You won’t be disappointed when hiring them because they really care about what they do. Plus you get TWO great photographers for such a reasonable price.

Spanish Hills Country Club, Camarillo Wedding – Bridgett & Darryl

I cannot begin to say enough nice things about Connie and Jeff from the first email to Connie leaving the reception I enjoyed every minute dealing with them. I only spoke to Jeff on the phone, but he was great, very helpful, had amazing suggestions and filled in the blanks where I didn’t even know there were blanks!

Connie photographed the wedding. She showed up and didn’t waste a second, started snapping while the girls hoisted me in to my dress. She was not only incredibly professional but great fun to have around. We all got along with her really well and were sad to see her leave, she made us feel really comfortable, like an old friend.

She found the perfect balance between formal and fun photos, knew how to get the stragglers in gear and came prepared with a little kit. The makeup artist who stayed through my photos was very impressed as well and said she wished she could be at all of her weddings with her. She had q-tips, tweezers, eyelash glue, bobby pins, band-aids . . . you name it! The girls and boys had separate wedding photo sessions and afterwards the boys kept asking who she was, they thought she was a friend of ours she was so delightful and helpful.

Now, the photos . . . I am speechless every time I look at them. Our friends keep commenting on how they look like photos from a magazine. There isn’t one photo I don’t like. Again, I cant say enough good things about Connie and Jeff, an all around perfect photography experience from start to finish!

Thank you!!

Calamigos Equestrian,  Burbank Wedding – Wendy & Joseph

Connie and Jeff are two of the finest photographers that we’ve worked with. Not only are they extremely fun to work with, this team’s attention to detail and creative edge captivated the very essence of what we had envisioned. Both the engagement shoot and wedding day was finely captured in vivid detail for us to remember and look back upon for many years to come. A picture is worth a thousand words and we firmly believe that the moments they have captured are valued above a thousand words. The picturesque backgrounds, posed shots and candid captures they took allowed us to recollect the day’s events clearly. To a special couple we cannot thank enough for capturing our special day in photographs that will adorn the walls of our home.

Coco Palm Restaurant, Pomona Wedding – Denise & Nelson

I found out about Connie and Jeff through a friend on facebook and let me tell you…that was the best thing that could of happened to us. Im honestly a person who never trust referals from other people…but i am so glad that it worked out with Connie and Jeff. They gave us the best price out there. They were very flexiable with customizing your own photo package to meet your budget. They were very professional and really friendly every one at my wedding thought they were the nicest people. I am really glad we choose them to take our Engagement and Wedding photos. We look forward in working with them again…maybe when my wife is pregnant with our first child. Exciting times coming up in our lives and im confident to say i hope connie and jeff are there to take our pictures.

Castaways, Burbank  Wedding – Tianna & & Thomas

I live in Northern California and I got married in Southern California, I actually found Connie & Jeff just browsing the internet. I sent an email through their website and got a very quick response. I loved their website and the pricing was awesome so we decided to go with them. When I spoke with Jeff on the phone he made me feel very confidant that they would do a great job which was very important to me because I live quite far from where we were married and was nervous about booking vendors over the phone with no face to face meeting. I was able to send a check and they let me know when they received the money right away. In short the communication between us was great!
One of the top reasons we booked them was because they were a husband and wife team and one would come to me and my girls and the other would go to my husband and the boys to take pictures before the ceremony which I loved!!!!! Connie and Jeff arrived on time and I just can’t say enough good things about them. Connie literally started taking pictures the second her foot stepped through the door which was awesome! The shots she got of my bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done are perfect and really special because they day is so busy you can forget all the fun little details.

We received a little “teaser” (about 125 photos) of photos about a week and a half after the wedding which was great because we could share these with our family.Then received all of our wedding photos about three days after that. After the wedding all of my guest commented to us about how much they loved our photographers and how friendly they were and my husband and I just couldn’t agree more. I would recommend this awesome husband and wife team 100%!!!!!!

Sunset Hills Country Club, Thousand Oaks Wedding – Lindsay & Jason

I found Connie & Jeff’s Photography on the Knot.com. I met with other photographers but did not feel comfortable as soon as we met Jeff & Connie we felt very comfortable, like we were talking to people we already knew instead of people we had just met. I can tell that Connie & Jeff are very passionate about doing photography and they do an amazing job. I could not be happier with the pictures of my wedding day. I would recommend Jeff & Connie to anyone who needs a professional photographer. They are very flexible with putting together your photography package, they are very professional but also fun and they are worth every penny!

Mission Inn, Riverside Wedding – Nina & Erik

Wonderful photographers. My husband and I are glad we chose Chou Photography. Not only did Connie and Jeff do a great job taking pictures, but also Connie was soo nice with helping out with other behind the scenes bridal issues, hahaha. We love how they managed to get the pictures we want, and were so efficient with time. We highly recommend them to anyone getting married in the LA area.

San Marino Community Church, San Marino Wedding – Marie & Craig

We met Connie & Jeff at their Beverly Hills office and were very impressed with their sample albums as well as the husband/wife team with innovative designs & ideas. We decided to book them for both our engagement photos and our wedding.

My husband and I had a great time at our mid-September wedding and we’re greatful that Connie and Jeff Photography were there to capture every moment of our special day. We have thousands of beautiful pictures to choose from and share with our friends and family. C&J are fun and professional making sure they capture all the details of the day. They are so easy to work with and are very open to our suggestions on certain poses. At the end of the evening, they became part of the wedding too as our friends and families got to know them and instantly liked them as well.

Just days after our wedding, we realized that we didn’t have pictures of our wedding rings by themselves. After a few quick e-mails and a phone call, C&J were more than happy to meet with us that same day to take the pictures that we were missing. We have just received our 2 DVDs of raw pictures last night. As I look through the photos, I noticed that C&J captured so many moments that we do not remember as everything happened so quickly throughout the ceremony and reception. We are excited to see the finished album. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fun, energetic husband/wife team to capture their special day.

San Diego Wedding – Carina & Simon

I have to say that Connie and Jeff are the best photographers we had the pleasure of hiring. Not only were they extremely professional but their outgoing personalities delighted our guests and kept a huge smile on everyone’s face. Our wedding day was probably one of the hottest days this summer and even through all the heat and the terribly long unorganized day (8am-10:45pm), their smile never faded. We were hoping the pictures would turn out nice but they turned out even better than we expected. You can see their passion for photography through their works. The day after the wedding, everything felt like a beautiful blurr, luckily we were able to relive the moments of our wedding day through their work. To all the brides and grooms who are looking for quality and lasting memories, you should definitely consider Connie and Jeff. We couldn’t be happier.

Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim Wedding – Tracy & Sean

When my husband and I started planning our wedding, one of his duties was to research photographers. Upon coming across Connie & Jeff’s website, he noticed great pictures along with great prices. When he called them to get more information they were MORE than helpful and there was absolutely no pressure on their end. We decided to meet with them and upon arrival they greeted us with congratulations and sparkling cider in celebration of our engagement. As a bride to be, they made me feel in spot light and as future husband and wife, they made us feel that it was “all about us”. When it came down to deciding if we wanted togo with them, Connie and Jeff took it upon themselves to step out of the room and let my husband and I have some private time to discuss and come up with a plan (I thought that was extremely respectful). We decided to go with them and even though we didn’t get the most expensive package we never felt pressured to buy more, Connie and Jeff seemed to just be excited about whatever made us happy.

The engagement session was soooooo much fun. We were laughing and joking around, Jeff was very good at verbally instructing us. Our engagement pictures turned out so well, all of our friends were oohhhing and ahhhhing over them. The beach shots that they took were so romantic and beautiful. (did I mention that they gave us a deal on those too???) At the wedding, Connie was with me the WHOLE time and I can honestly say that she captured my WHOLE day from beginning to end and with that I can easily relive each moment any time I want through the pictures. Connie was not afraid to ask my bridesmaids where things were (i.e my jewelry, garter, etc…) so that she could get shots of that, she was very good at directing me, she took initiative and got the best pictures. Connie took me up to the bridal sweet to get some shots and she made me feel very comfortable, she made me feel like the most beautiful bride ever! I am not used to getting my picture taken a lot, but she made being in front of the camera a breeze. Jeff was with the boys and from what I heard and can in the pictures, they had a blast too.

During the rest of the wedding, Connie and Jeff worked great as a team to capture the most intimate and most important parts of the whole wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, they didn’t miss a beat and they got a long with everyone so well, especially the other vendors. Jeff and Connie were actually communicating with the wedding coordinator and the DJ the WHOLE time, so they knew what was coming up and what shots they needed to get ready for….I call that planning ahead and being organized! And those two words (planning/organization) are KEY for a bride on her wedding day. When we got back from our honeymoon, I was soooooo excited to get the pictures. It only took TWO WEEKS! For our pictures to come in the mail. When we looked through them, it brought tears to my eyes, they were BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I told Connie and Jeff at the very beginning that I wanted to keep the “romantic” feel alive throughout our wedding and that is exactly what happened. In fact Jeff and Connie will keep that romantic feeling alive throughout our lives together because of the wonderful, quality photos and service they provided for us.

Jones Victorian Estate, Orange County Wedding – Judy & Tristan

When it came time to plan our wedding, one of the most important items besides the wedding location was our search for a wedding photographer. We were referred to Connie and Jeff through a family member and although intially we did not meet with the couple face to face, we signed up with them because of the confidence and enthusiasm they displayed towards their work. Our wedding day was almost a year ago and we still fondly reminisce about the day and how our wedding photos truly reflect the beauty of it all.

From our first telephone conversation, Jeff maintained a friendly and professional attitude as we discussed the various packages they had available. All of our questions were answered and I especially appreciated the fact that they were answered in a timely manner either by phone or email. My husband and I feel that Connie and Jeff were fair and accommodating and fullfilled all items of our contract.

There were a few incidences that stand out in our experience that reflects the above. Our engagement session was cancelled and had to be rescheduled. To apologize for our inconvenience, Connie and Jeff added a free mini album at no extra charge.

In addition, when it came time for the engagement session, Connie and Jeff spent an extra hour with us…way after the sun went down to ensure that we got the best photos possible. It was a fun day and they were pleasant to work with.
On the day of our wedding, Connie and Jeff worked tirelessly to capture our special moments and at one point, I remember Connie getting down on her back to take a photo of the bridesmaids and I. After the wedding, my husband and I were still talking about what a thorough job they did and we were glad they embodied strong work ethics and professionalism throughout the day.

Every photographer is unique and different in their own way. Communication is key and it is important that you are satisfied from the beginning. It will definitely reflect in your photos and make for a perfect wedding day. We wish Connie and Jeff the best as they continue their photography endeavors and we would definitely recommend their services to new upcoming brides and grooms.

San Gabriel Mission Wedding – Shannon & Chico

My husband and I hired Connie & Jeff for our September 20, 2008 wedding. We had seen a couple photographers before we met with them, but knew they were right for us after our first meeting. Their style and personality matched what we were looking for. They were also very easy going with substituting certain items/services in the package as we had already taken our engagement photos and our package included an “engagement session”. In addition, we felt that their packages had a great value for our already tight wedding budget.

They both arrived exactly when they said they would and scouted out the 3 locations we took pictures at beforehand to get a better idea of what they wanted to shoot. It was nice to have a husband and wife team so that the bridesmaids and groomsmen could take separate pictures beforehand without having the groom and bride see eachother. I wanted a traditional wedding where we didn’t see eachother beforehand. Connie and Jeff were very flexible with our times as well and helped keep us on schedule which was also very important to me.

Even after the wedding was over, they still kept communication as we needed to pick the pictures for the albums we ordered. We received the album in about 5 weeks which is faster than most photographers out there. They also took about 2000 photos that they put on a cd and mailed to me within 2 weeks of our wedding. Now that’s fast service!

I liked them so much that I referred them to my future sister in law who will be getting married next September.

Thanks Connie and Jeff! I’ll keep the referrals coming!

Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland Wedding – Colleen & Jerome

Back in July 2007, we interviewed two other photographers before we met with Connie & Jeff. The other photographers did not meet our expectations and their albums available for viewing were just plain old. My husband and I wanted a different style and we found it with Connie & Jeff. What sold us was not only their competitive pricing but the style of their wedding pictures, the myriad of choices they offered, and most importantly, two photographers. Not an assistant photographer like the other photographers offered. When we selected our wedding coordinator, we were glad to hear that the wedding coordinator had previously worked with Connie & Jeff. We received great feedback from the coordinator about their work and this put us at ease knowing they work well with other vendors.

Connie & Jeff were punctual for both the engagement session & the wedding. We had fun taking the pictures and they made us feel comfortable. We were able to get all of the raw pictures on DVD’s, which was great because the wedding went by so fast & we appreciate that they were able to capture every moment. We also took this opportunity to post our pictures online to share with family & friends before we received the finished album. Once we received the finished album, our family and friends were impressed with the finished product and complimented their skill.

We felt a connection with Connie & Jeff – we just cliqued. They were very approchable and there was never a dull moment. We were so impressed with Connie & Jeff during the wedding that we referred them to multiple friends who were looking for a photographer for their weddings.Thank you for capturing the moments that we missed and memories that we will always cherish.

Renaissance Restaurant, Glendale Wedding – Linda & Daniel

After looking up and talking with many photographers, i saw an ad for Connie and Jeff on theknot.com. They were located near my house so me and my husband decided to meet with them. The moment I met them I felt so comfortable with them. They were very reasonably priced and I loved all the sample pictures I saw. So we signed up with them. They made our engagement session so much fun and took the most amazing pictures. Not only that, we got a DVD with all those wedding pictures less than a week later. On our wedding day, they arrived at my house at 9 am and stayed with me until 10 pm. They took fun and unique pictures and I loved every one of them. We also had a very lareg bridal party (10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen plus me and my husband=21 people!) and they did a wonderful job at capturing everyone in our pictures and also at making sure that everyone was doing what they needed to be doing for the pictures but made it so much fun. Everyone was talking about how great my photographers were. We got our pictured and our albums super fast. Jeff even dropped the album off at our business to make it more convenient for us. My cousin saw our pictures and loved them so much that she also hired them for her wedding this last July. She loves her pictures too. We both agreed that they were our favorite vendors by far. HIGHLY recommend them. Thank you Connie and Jeff!

Victorian, Santa Monica Wedding – Shannon & Chris

Connie and Jeff photographed my wedding this November and I have to say they were fantastic. They were not only on time and reliable, they were an absolute blast! The pictures are beautiful and withing a few day of coming back from our honeymoon they already had the pictures back to us and set us an online shutterfly photo album for my out of town family to veiw!

San Gabriel Hilton, Monterey Park Wedding – Grace & Andrew

My husband and I were very much pleased and happy with Connie and Jeff as our photographers on our wedding day last year, May 24, 2008. I found them through browsing the internet; the photos on their website and the great deal they were offering caught my attention so we decided to hire them and we were very satisfied. We first met them on our engagement photo session on the beach. They were very easy to work with and professional at the same time. They made the experience fun and comfortable for us and in turn, we were happy with how the photos turned out.

On the wedding day, Connie stayed with me and my girls getting ready while Jeff was with the groom and the boys. The photos they captured were amazing, very natural with attention to details. We were comfortable with them the whole day as they tried their best to capture every special moment of our wedding day, which they did successfully! I LOVED how our photos and our album turned out. The quality was just impressive. It was everything I had hoped for. Our family and friends were also very impressed when they saw our album and the quality of the photos. The bottom line is: I would recommend Connie and Jeff. They seemed to genuinely love and care for what they do and their customers.

It was very easy communicating with them either via phone or email whenever I had a question. We were very fortunate to have found them for our wedding and would definitely do it again if we could = ) They work great together as a team and will work with you to capture those very precious moments of your big day.

Granada Hills Wedding – Sasha & Chris

Connie and Jeff were FANTASTIC!!! They are so talented and provided me with such an array of options and angles to choose from. Not only did they give me a great deal on my pictures but they were very easy and professional to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone and would certainly use them again!

Ridgeview Banquet Center & Gardens Wedding – Robin & Aaron

We highly recommend Connie & Jeff’s Photography!

Connie & Jeff took both our engagement and wedding day pictures, and we could not be any happier with the way all of the pictures turned out, we loved the special design pictures they chose & how they turned out too. They both have such a calm, collected and fun personality, which made us feel at ease on the wedding day.

Connie & Jeff have a great eye for capturing wonderful pictures. We loved our album, it turned out Beautifully & we have gotten so many compliments on it. We have so many great pictures to remember our wedding day; we can’t thank them enough for an absolutely wonderful Job.

Solaris Hotel, Cabo San Lucas Wedding – Lisa & Vince 

Jeff & Connie are two of the most easiest photographers to work with. The great thing is they work well as a team and give you the Best photo’s for your Dollar! The pictures are outstanding in quality & color. I will definitely hire them again, For the Baby shower in the future!!! Our destination wedding was in Cabo San Lucas. We were so glad that we decide to hire Connie & Jeff, and not the photographers in Cabo. They were there from our welcome reception on Thursday to when our guest left on Sunday morning. They capture every special moment of our wedding and more. Absolutely the best decision we made.

Sportsmen Lodge, North Hollywood Wedding – Gricel & Jared

Jeff and Connie Chou were able to capture unique moments that we have not previously seen in wedding albums. The major plus is that they gave us all our negatives in a very timely manner, so that we could enjoy our pictures immediately after our honeymoon. They are both very easy to work with as well as efficient photographers. In addition, it was a privilege to have a male and female photographer, which made it possible for Connie to stay with the bride and Jeff with the groom before the ceremony. Furthermore, Connie and Jeff were able to capture different angles of specific moments, which would otherwise be impossible with only one photographer.

Rancho Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano Wedding – Holly & Jonathan

We absolutely recommend Connie and Jeff.  After our first meeting with them, we knew for sure we wanted them to photograph our wedding.  We loved their work, but most importantly, we loved their personalities.  On the day of the wedding, they were all over the place, capturing every moment.  They were willing lay down on the ground to get the perfect shot.  All throughout the day, we just felt so comfortable taking pictures.  My husband and I are both very shy in front of the camera, but they made it so much fun.  They showed us how to pose to make us look our best.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer, you should look no further.  They are the best in every way.  Also, their pricing is so affordable.  I would pay triple that amount for them.  Connie and Jeff, thank you so much for everything.

Maravilla Gardens, Camarillo Wedding – Lauren & Chad

It was such a pleasure to work with Connie and Jeff. They are both very professional and were very easy to talk to. They listened to our ideas and offered their own suggestions. Our engagement session and wedding pictures both came out exceptional! We could not be happier with all of our pictures. Within two weeks we got a link to our wedding pictures, and a few days later we got all the digital files on two dvds.  Our entire family was brought to tears while looking through everything! Connie and Jeff, THANK YOU again and again for making our pictures something we will treasure for a lifetime to come!

San Gabriel Hilton, Monterey Park Wedding – Tina & Ken

We had an excellent experience. We definitely recommend Connie & Jeff’s Photography to everyone. We got along really well with our photographers. They made picture taking fun and enjoyable. Our engagement and wedding photos are amazing and they really captured the essence of our special day! They are incredibly talented photographers and we were so lucky to find them!  We receive nothing but compliments on our photographs, and we could not be more pleased! Thank you so much for being so awesome! 🙂

Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, Beverly Hills Wedding – Alyson & Matt

We enjoyed working with Connie & Jeff!  They captured all the moments that we wanted to have captured! They were extremely flexible in working with us for our engagement shoot since my husband travels so much; we had to work around his work schedule. Connie & Jeff were extremely understanding, patient, helpful, honest, and went above & beyond for us. We love them and would gladly recommend them to anyone that is getting married. They photography packages were not only reasonable priced, but I have some of the most amazing and creative wedding pictures!

Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas Wedding – Sarah & Joseph

We met Connie & Jeff in Las Vegas while waiting in line for the Le Reve show.  We found out they were wedding photographers.  We had such a good time with them, and they did our engagement session for free the next day.  The pictures were absolutely amazing.  We actually booked a photographer already, but we decided to cancel with the other photographer and have Connie & Jeff photograph our wedding instead.  We lost our deposit with the other photographer, but it was well worth it.   I can’t say enough good things about Connie & Jeff.  They are such good photographers and they make everything so much fun.  They are not only our photographers, but now we are proud to say they are our friends as well.  Whenever you guys are in town, we need a re-match in beer pong.

Sherwood Country Club, Thousand Oaks Wedding – Carol & Jacol

We can’t believe we only pay $2000 for the amazing pictures we got from Connie & Jeff.   We have friends that paid over $8000 and didn’t get they quality and service that Connie & Jeff provided.  I had tons of questions, and they were so patient in answering all my questions.  Every time we called, they were almost always available or would call us back right away.  On top of the beautiful pictures, they were so much fun, the whole bridal party had a blast.  We would recommend them to anybody that is looking for a wedding photographer.  You should hurry before they raise their prices.

Hotel Laguna, Laguna Beach Wedding – Susan & Derek

We are so happy we decided to have Connie & Jeff to photograph our wedding.  We met them last year at our friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara, and we booked with them the next day.  Their work is amazing, but most importantly they made us feel so comfortable through the whole wedding process.  We will be calling them to photograph all our important events.  Hopefully baby pictures soon.  Thanks again.

AT&T Center Penthouse, Los Angeles Wedding – Marlissa & Daryl

We used Connie and Jeff as our photographers for our August 2010 wedding. They were easy to work with and great at keeping the communications open. We were amazed to receive our pictures back within 2 weeks of the wedding. At first I was worried receiving them back so soon, but when I saw them, I was extremely pleased. They did a fantastic job. Thank you Connie and Jeff!!

Biltmore Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles Wedding – Brian H. (The  Groom)

Connie and Jeff were great. They were fun, comfortable to be around, produced good quality pics for the engagement session and the wedding. They also had a good balance of being inconspicuous and taking charge when needed at the wedding. I highly recommend.

Wayfarers Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding  – Gabriel & Jason
All the great reviews are true. Connie and Jeff are just great people. They love what they do, and it really shows in their work. Everything I have to say has already been said below. They are absolutely amazing.

Old Ranch Country Club, Seal Beach Wedding – Julie & Chris

Connie and Jeff were one of the first vendors we hired about a year and a half out from our wedding. We met them at their office, and saw previous wedding photos and albums they had created. We really liked the idea of having two photographers and liked their easy going, easy to work with personalities.

Our first experience with them was our engagement shoot. They were really friendly and easy to work with, and even asked us if there was any shots that we would like to have besides their own. It was nice that they had shots in mind, so we didn’t just stand there. A couple weeks later we received all our digital negatives as promised.  Overall, we were really impressed with all our engagement photos and have 8 currently framed and displayed in our house. The quality of these images is top notch in my opinion…

Our second experience with Connie and Jeff was for our wedding. They arrived on time, to two different locations (bride and groom) and captured all the moments wonderfully! We are very happy with our photos. They do have shots in mind, but they are more than willing to shoot shots you have in mind. I like that they were able to direct us. Yes, some of the shots seem a little goofy at the time, but they are actually our favorite photos from the day. If you trust them to do their job, you will be extremely happy!

I also want to mention that originally, my husband and I had committed to more albums, but I lost my job 4 months before our wedding and so we had to cancel some of the albums. Connie and Jeff allowed this with no questions asked. Most photographers would not have allowed this. I feel that if you are honest with them, and treat them with respect they will do anything they can to accommodate you and make sure your happy…

All of my family was thrilled when we received a sneak peak website on shutter fly of all our wedding photos. It was a nice surprise from Connie and Jeff…

We already plan to hire them again, in the future for our monumental events…I recommend them….

Electra Cruise “Destiny”, Newport Beach Wedding – Ashley & Scott

My wedding was this past June of 2009. Jeff and Connie did an excellent job of capturing my wedding. They both were very personable with my husband and I, and our guests. Days after the wedding, many of my guests told me they enjoyed working with them as well, and told me they felt like Connie and Jeff were one of the wedding guests. I enjoyed the poses they put my husband and I in, they were funny and silly, however, others were loving and endearing.  Overall, I would recommend Jeff and Connie, for their outstanding photography.

Electra Cruises “Destiny”, Newport Beach Wedding – Sherry M. (Mother of the Bride)

We would be happy to refer Connie & Jeff’s photography to any friends who were getting married. Jeff & Connie were open to our suggestions of the “must have’s” at my daughter’s wedding such as:

1) My daughter was married on a yacht at Newport Beach and we had a limited amount of time for pictures after the wedding, so it was very important that thing went quickly and smoothly. We told Jeff we wanted to take pictures from the largest group down to the smallest and he made sure this happened.

2) I also had an idea for a fun picture of my husband with his pockets inside out looking stunned next to our daughter. He took this idea and made it his own, taking many different poses of this. These are some of our favorite pictures.

3) We also had picture taken at Balboa Beach after the wedding. Jeff and Connie worked tirelessly getting every shot possible. Again, we love the running and jumping beach shots.

4)One of the best benefits of having Connie and Jeff together is that Connie was taking pictures of the girls at the same time as Jeff was with the guys. This enabled us to have a lot more pictures in a shorter amount of time.

5) I was so busy having fun at the wedding, that I hardly noticed Jeff and Connie taking the candid shots. However, many of our guests commented that they thought it was great that Connie and Jeff made themselves part of the wedding and were not just observers.Many told us how friendly Connie was and how she was in there getting every shot she could. This is evident when you look at our pictures of the cake cutting an toasting, you can really see the touching pictures taken that were unposed.

I have emailed Ashley and Scott’s pictures to so many people and I have heard nothing but how beautiful the pictures are. Of course it helps to have a gorgeous bride and handsome groom, which we had! I think you will be very happy with Connie and Jeff as your wedding photographers too!

I am the mother of the bride.

Calamigos Malibu Wedding – Nikki & Christian

Jeff and Connie are a very warm and caring couple. From Champagne celebrations during our first meeting to working within our budget; they truly “get it”. There was not a moment during the wedding that wasn’t captured on camera. It’s rare to find people that are so considerate, thoughtful AND professional. I recommend them highly!

Fess Parker Double Tree Resort, Santa Barbara Wedding – Rhona & Michael

We recieved the 2 dvds containing the wedding pics and love all of them! It’ll be very hard to choose the pics that we absolutely want in the album but once we do, we’ll email our choices to you asap. We had a blast at our wedding and we are glad you two had fun too. You made it very easy, stress free and fun. We are so excited for our album! Thank you so much for a great job on our special day!

The Clughouse at Anaheim Hills, Orange Coutny Wedding – Evelyn & Robert

Hi Jeff and Connie, Evelyn was soooo pleased with all the work you both have done. It was great, all of it…there is so much of it we don\’t quite know what to do. That\’s a good thing! I just want to let you know that we received the pictures and will let you know what we want. Tomorrow we take off to Europe. Can\’t wait to continue to work with you guys. Like they say in Italy, \”Prego!!\”

Los Verdes Country Club, Rancho Palos Verdes – Brad B. (The Groom)

I did not have your email till today when I got the copy that you sent Sandra. I wanted to just thank you again for the job that you did with us last Friday. I can only imagine what the pictures look like. I can’t wait for your direction of the day of. I felt a strong sense of security with you guys and I know that Sandra feels the same. This is important to me since in my eyes a wedding is a celebration of the bride and to see how pleased she was after the shoot was so comforting to me. Anyway I must run but once again thanks for your direction and I can’t wait for the pictures of the “BIG DAY”.

Talega Golf Club, San Clemente Wedding – Nicole & Naseem

Nicole and I went through all of the pictures earlier today, and we absolutley loved them! You both did a wonderful job, and you were extremely easy to work with … we’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for a photographer. Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Trump National Golf Course, Rancho Palos Verdes Weddding – Kelly & Gregg

Thanks Connie & Jeff, we couldn’t believe how beautiful the pictures turned out. Your creativity and acute sense of style has amazed everyone who has seen our pictures. The pictures you took were magazine quality. You made me look exactly how we felt on my wedding day – Just Beautiful.

Everyone comments oh how our wedding photos are not the typical boring staged photos, but how they actually capture the essence of our wedding day. Even people who weren’t able to attend the wedding got a chance to share in our joy because of our incredible pictures. Your photography is professional, whimsical, and everything I wanted to reflect our wedding day. Thank you for capturing a day that will bless us for a lifetime.

Bahia Resort, San Diego Wedding – Lizzy & Dave

Connie and Jeff are really wonderful and their pictures are amazing. They capture the moment in a candid and authentic way, while still keeping their work professional. They made us feel comfortable and because of our meetings with them prior to the wedding, we were totally confident and at ease that our wedding pictures would be perfect. I could enjoy the day and not worry that their work was going to be done right. They are the perfect couple to do wedding photography.

Working with Connie and Jeff for our wedding day was the best decision we could have ever made. Their photography speaks for itself. Our wedding pictures captured the history of the day in a beautiful story that we will share with our family and friends forever. The value is incredible. We got so much more than we paid for in our pictures and in our photographers. Their creativity and passion makes them the best wedding photographers we have ever encountered! Thank you Connie and Jeff!

Bahia Resort, San Diego Wedding – Margie H. (Mother of the Bride)

We could not have asked for a more stress free day of the wedding from every aspect. But specifically, just saying Connie & Jeff were so wonderful would be an understatement. They were never in the way or demanding, but always present for the perfect picture moment. It was absolutely wonderful having two main photographers. Connie quietly capture the details of the bride and the bride’ maid pictures, and Jeff the same for the groom and his men, it was amazing. We would love for them to photograph our last daughter’s wedding.

San Antonio Catholic Church, Anaheim Wedding – Leslie & Anthony

Many brides-to-be have to make the hardest decision as to who to go with or their photographer to capture the most memorable day of their life. Connie & Jeff’s Photography made it extremely easy for me! Not only were they fast with their responses they were willing to work with me with the number of hours I needed since our wedding party and guest were such a large number at a great price! As hectic as our wedding day was they were able to keep even me, the bride calm. Our engagement pictures came only a week after we took them down in Malibu! Believe it or not but so did our wedding pictures!!! I loved it!!! I couldn’t believe the wonderful work and memories they were able to capture. They even made us a DVD of our wedding pictures using our 2 favorite songs!! We show it to all our friends and it’s like reliving the whole day all over again! As a husband and wife team you get 2 photographers for the price of one!!! How can you beat that?! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is getting married soon!! I’ll even send you my wedding picture for your viewing if you have any doubts!! Thanks Connie & Jeff!!!!

Mary Immaculate Parish, San Fernando Wedding – Gaby & Rudolfo

We had an excellent experience. We definitely recommend Connie & Jeff’s Photography to everyone. We got along really well with our photographers. They made picture taking fun and enjoyable very professional great people the best photographers we’ve met 🙂

California Country Club, City of Industry Wedding – Arlene & Tilo

I am so glad that we hired Connie & Jeff! They were there the whole day, taking so many pictures and capturing everything. They were open to anyone’s ideas for pictures. I now have beautiful wedding pictures remind me of every moment thanks to them. We get so many comments on our Album & Wedding Montage. We would highly recommend them to anyone that is getting married. They were the best.

Sapphire Ranch, Lake Elizabeth Wedding – Fawn & Matthew

We have really enjoyed the engagement pictures you took of us. Initially I thought that engagement pictures were not necessary. But, I’ve changed my mind; it’s an experience all couples should have. The pictures really capture our feelings for each other. My friend said, “It’s so obvious that you are so in love.” Your pictures were wonderful! I can’t wait for our wedding to come. Now, I know my pictures are going to turn out great. That is something I do not have to worry about anymore. Thanks Connie & Jeff. I appreciate your help.

Samba Restaurant, Redondo Beach Wedding – Cherie & Mark

I just wanted to write a letter of praise! We couldn’t be happier with the photographs from our wedding. Both Connie & Jeff were the most down-to-earth and easy to get along with photographers that we interviewed. They made our wedding fun. Their package prices were also so reasonable! They are very accommodating and patient, our photographs turned out better than I could have expected. We have received so many compliments on the quality. We found that Connie & Jeff’s Photography was able to offer many unique options that we didn’t see anywhere else. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting intimate, creative, and beautiful photos.

Castaways, Burbank Wedding – Shurovi & Mir

Thank you! The photos captured the beauty of the surroundings as well as every moment, detail and emotion on our special day. We enjoy watching the slideshow again and again- they tell the story of our entire wedding with elegance and style. On a day that held so many expectations, Connie and Jeff far exceeded ours. We will treasure the memories they captured for a lifetime! With much appreciation, Shurovi and Mir.

Vendor Recommendation from Charles Lauren Films

We love these two! Filming with them is like hanging out with your best friends (since they are) and it allows us to open up our creativity and passion, to provide a better film for our clients as well!!

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